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For anyone interested in the literary side of things, here is a list of my published works to date:


Memoir Magazine (Essay)

You won’t see my essay published (yet), but you will see “Adding a Voice to the Chorus” listed as a Notable Essay at the conclusion of Memoir Magazine’s #MeToo Essay Contest.

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Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (Short Story)

“Romantic Evening” is the tale of an avid gardener who has recently discovered her husband’s affair.

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Imagine This! An Artprize Anthology 2015 (Short Story)

The narrator of “Stranger in a Bar” has unusual luck flirting with a gorgeous man she meets at the bar. However, she has a nagging suspicion he might not be human. Published in the September 2015 edition of Imagine This! An Artprize Anthology.

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Imagine This! An Artprize Anthology 2013 (Short Story)

“At Sunset” is the story of a teenage girl named Mallory coming to terms with her mother’s humanity, flaws and all. It was published in the September 2013 edition of the Imagine This! Artprize anthology.

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