Meet the Artist

Hannah in a tree

VanDuinen Studio, LLC is a one-woman show crafted and owned by yours truly, Hannah VanDuinen. I call this place "Home of the Perfect Finishing Touch" because that is what I most love designing - the décor details that really make a space feel like your own. No more cookie cutter décor you can find at any big box store!

    I work as an independent artist to create everything from the most visible wall art, to the tea towels you use daily in the kitchen, to the thank you cards sent after a shower or wedding.
    I also create surface patterns with the intention of licensing them to fabric companies, stationery companies, home décor companies, and more. The surface patterns I created for fellow artist Lucia of Deinki's #30FlowersInMyStyle challenge were recently featured on her blog. I am so honored to be included among the talented artists in the post!

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      Red Poinsettia Ornamenthellebore art print  cardinal tea towel 

    How the Studio Came to Be

    I have always looked for the creative route through life. I spent high school immersed in song and story, and I majored in English Literature in college. Upon graduating, I landed in a technical writing gig that was intellectually stimulating but came with a company culture that was.....hostile, to put it mildly. A few years later, I got pregnant with my first daughter, and my husband and I cheerfully concluded that my paycheck was not worth paying through the teeth for daycare to maintain. I became a stay-at-home mom.

    However, once the shock of the newborn phase wore off a little and I returned to sleeping more than an hour at a time, I realized that I needed to carve out SOME kind of time for myself that felt more intellectually stimulating than the daily Daniel Tiger episode. I ended up doing the same type of technical writing for a new (and much more awesome) company, but even that didn't entirely scratch the itch.

    I didn't find my direction until I started dusting off my old art supplies and putting them to use. I started selling jewelry and crocheted accessories at craft fairs. Before I knew it, I had a website and a blog and business cards.

    VanDuinen Studio product assortment

    And thus, VanDuinen Studio was born. Over the years, my approach and products and even my output consistency have morphed depending on circumstances, but my goal remains the same: to connect with fellow creative souls through a shared love of the visual arts, and to generate income doing work that I am truly, madly, deeply passionate about.

    Bonus: I get to demonstrate in real time that it's possible to succeed at the dreams you chase! The next generation has been watching closely:

    VanDuinen Studio mini artists

    Services Offered

    1. Shop unique art: First and foremost, you can always find my original works in the shop. There are pieces perfect for a living room, nursery, office, and any other rooms you need to decorate. You can also find museum quality prints on canvas through TapArt or t-shirts through TeePublic, if you prefer!

    2. Licensing: I am extremely interested in licensing my art to brands. Art directors and business owners can view my full portfolio here, and you can email me anytime to discuss collaboration opportunities.

    3. Teaching: I am a Skillshare teacher. Find my class(es) here, and enjoy a free 14-day trial of Skillshare Premium for using this link!

    4. VIP community: Join the community! I send out a newsletter every week, usually on Thursdays, which is jam-packed with sources of inspiration, cool finds, studio news, and exclusive discounts. You'll get 15% off your first purchase from the store just for signing up!

    Media Appearances

    • Podcast Interview: Pushy Broad from the Bronx (starts at 35:44)
    • Creative Powerhouse Mini Course: I was interviewed on my progress as a creative business owner by Stacie Bloomfield, owner of Gingiber and teacher of Leverage Your Art. The interview appeared on Video #1 of the Creative Powerhouse Mini Course in Spring 2021
    • Deinki's Blog: After participating in her #30FlowersInMyStyle challenge in 2021, I was featured in Lucia's wrap-up post among many other amazing pattern designers