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VanDuinen Studio, LLC is a one-woman show crafted and owned by yours truly, Hannah VanDuinen. I encourage everyone to indulge their creative spark, whether that means collecting art to make a space feel like home or making original works of their own. An interior design enthusiast myself, I particularly love helping customers curate every detail of their home with intention, from your most visible wall art, to the tea towels you use daily in the kitchen, to the thank you cards sent after a shower or wedding.

Do you need a little guidance in the interior design area? Don't worry, I've got ya covered! Click here to download my free guide on selecting the perfect art pieces for your home to make your space feel totally custom and welcoming.

How the Studio Came to Be

I have always looked for the creative route through life. I spent high school immersed in song and story, and I majored in English Literature in college. From a very early age, my big dream in life was not to be an astronaut or a firefighter or a superhero - it was to be an editor at a major publishing house because I couldn't imagine anything more exciting than being paid to read and think critically about books.

Upon graduating from college, I floundered a bit. I spent a year bringing in money through babysitting while I dedicated most of my time to an unpaid internship that ended up in a rejected job application. (Yup, still stings!) After that, I landed in a technical writing gig that was intellectually stimulating but came with a company culture that was.....hostile, to put it mildly. A few years later, I got pregnant with my first daughter, and my husband and I cheerfully concluded that my paycheck was not worth paying through the teeth for daycare to maintain. I became a stay-at-home mom.

However, once the shock of the newborn phase wore off a little and I returned to sleeping more than an hour at a time, I realized that I needed to carve out SOME kind of time for myself that felt more intellectually stimulating than the daily Daniel Tiger episode. I ended up doing the same type of technical writing for a new (and much more awesome) company, but even that didn't entirely scratch the itch. I didn't find my direction until I started dusting off my old art supplies and putting them to use. I started selling jewelry and crocheted accessories at craft fairs. Before I knew it, I had a website and a blog and business cards.

And thus, VanDuinen Studio was born. Over the years, my approach and products and even my output consistency have morphed depending on circumstances, but my goal remains the same: to connect with fellow creative souls through a shared love of the visual arts, and to generate income doing work that I am truly, madly, deeply passionate about. I call my website "Home of the Creative Spark" because to me, inspiring others to explore their passions is just as important as making a sale. We all have a voice, and we all deserve to be heard. ❤

The quickest way I can help? Through this free guide on how to choose the art pieces that best suit YOU. After all, you're an individual with unique tastes and design needs. Interior design doesn't have to be sterile - in fact, it's most effective when it reflects the people inhabiting the space.

Services Offered

  1. Shop unique art: First and foremost, you can always find my original works in the shop. There are pieces perfect for a living room, nursery, office, and any other rooms you need to decorate.

  2. Custom work: If custom art is your jam, I can do that too. Shoot me an email and I'll send you a document with the terms and conditions, and we'll get to work on making your vision come to life. As you can see from my portfolio, I can do both visual art and calligraphy/hand lettering pieces. That means you, wedding planners - I am happy to do invitation packs and/or place settings! If you want to see more examples of calligraphy work, let me know in your email and I'll send you some additional pictures that I haven't yet made public.

  3. Licensing: To any art directors who stumble across this site: I am extremely interested in licensing my art to brands. You can view my full portfolio here, and you can email me anytime to discuss collaboration opportunities.

  4. Teaching: I am a Skillshare teacher. Find my class(es) here, and enjoy a free 14-day trial of Skillshare Premium for using this link!

  5. VIP community: Join the community! I send out a newsletter every week, usually on Fridays, which is jam-packed with sources of inspiration, cool finds, exclusive goodies, and the popular Featured Artist section. In return, you'll get a free art print to download and enjoy in your home.

Media Appearances

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**Small Disclaimer**

I use the blog in part to write reviews based on my experiences working with various creative products. I do not work for any of the companies who manufacture those products, nor am I paid to write the reviews. I just really love experimenting and want to share the results with you!