Why Does Interior Design Matter, Anyway?

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...And what is it doing on an artist's blog?

Interior design is, at its core, how your house is arranged and decorated. When someone mentions "interior design," they could be talking about anything (or everything) from floorplans to the knick-knack arrangements on a shelf in their living room.

I decided to expand the scope of this blog into the interior design realm because I love it all! I love experimenting with the shapes, colors, and textures of furniture, accessories, and art to personalize my family's home. I don't have a technical background or education in the subject, so I approach it from an artist's perspective rather than a professional interior designer's perspective.

Much like art in a broader sense, interior design is important for several reasons that can be overlooked in typical societal value assessments. Consider this blog post my ode to interior design as an enjoyable and, I daresay, necessary form of expression.

Interior design can have a major impact on mental health

Your home, whether that is a house you own, a house you rent, an apartment, or a room in someone else's house, is your sacred space. It's the epicenter of your life, the place where you go to rest, to plan, and to take care of business. In the past year, many of us also transitioned to working our day jobs from home as well. All this to say: your home is an important space in your life.

It's no wonder, then, that the arrangement, organization, and decoration of your space can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. Clutter is the enemy, and choices like furniture arrangement, art selection, and paint colors can have a demonstrated influence on your mood on a day-to-day basis. Paying attention to how your space makes you feel and then making changes to enhance that space is as good for your body and mind as it is for general aesthetics.

It can help connect you with likeminded people

If you get really into interior design and end up joining Facebook groups, following subreddits, or engaging in other related forums, you will be introduced to hundreds - maybe even thousands - of people who are attracted to the same style as you are. I'm only just starting to dive into this community myself, but I've been having a ton of fun following posts in the BoHome Facebook group. The loose, colorful, multi-textured designs speak to my soul!

Bottom line: if you love design or want to learn more about it, I highly suggest searching for and joining groups that gel with your personal style. You'll get the best advice from people who already understand the vibe you're seeking!

It's a creative outlet all on its own

Even if you aren't personally upholstering the furniture, sewing the curtains, and/or creating the art you hang on your walls, curating your home's interior design is a form of creative expression. No one else can create an arrangement quite like you! The feeling of success you get when a design turns out just how you imagined is well-earned and no less real than a painter who paints exactly what they want.

I am a huge advocate for indulging your creativity in any way possible. If oil paints aren't your calling but you have an eye for displaying finished paintings on a gallery wall in your living room, go for it! Find your style or create a new one - the possibilities are endless. I'm here cheering you on, waiting to see the end result! And if you need a little guidance, you can always download my free design guide on finishing touches for your space. 😊 

Happy designing!

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