Marvy Uchida DecoColor Premium Paint Marker

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Hi all! I’m back with more from my Marvy Uchida haul. I originally ordered the rose gold because I saw one of my favorite hand-lettering artists using it (@sarahstyledesigns on Instagram) and it added a beautiful touch to her work. They sent me plain gold at first, so I contacted the customer service email address listed on my packing slip (thank goodness they included one, since I never got an order confirmation!). I forget what exact timeline they gave for contacting with any issues, but it’s a pretty short window – 30 days max. Thankfully I was actually on top of it this time around. Usually I’m terrible with follow ups!

Luckily, the customer service contact was super nice. They told me to keep the gold and dropped a rose gold version in the mail immediately; I had it in hand a couple days later. I’ve enjoyed playing with both versions.

DecoColor Premium Paint Marker – Gold

gold marvy uchida decocolor premium paint pen

The gold is not super opaque. It adds some beautiful shimmery accents to projects, but you can’t really use it as a standalone tool. It also smells really strong – very industrial. I love the way it made these apple blossoms sparkle, though!

Final thoughts: it’s fun to have around, but I’m glad I did the work to get the one I actually ordered. I wouldn’t repurchase the gold version.

DecoColor Premium Paint Marker – Rose Gold

rose gold marvy uchida decocolor premium paint pen

The rose gold version of the DecoColor Premium Paint Marker lives up to the hype. It makes beautiful, sparkly, opaque lines over every surface I’ve tried so far. Pictured above is the marker layered over gouache. It doesn’t fade or scratch, and it’s hard to smudge (even for me as I drag my hand over everything…). For some reason, it doesn’t smell as strongly as the gold version either.

Final thoughts: I will probably have one of these around from now on. I’ll definitely repurchase as needed!

Has anyone else used these? What did you think? What projects did you use them for?

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