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How to Incorporate Art Seamlessly into Your Home Decor

The art you keep in your home is often the finishing touch that most transforms a space from "a room" to "your room." You can select the most beautiful furniture, the trendiest textiles, and so on, but the art on your walls is a direct reflection of your passions and personality.

Of course, finding that piece of art that feels totally "you" can be a massive undertaking these days. Instagram and Etsy alone can connect you with thousands of artists from all over the world, all of them trying to sell their amazing creations. So how do you choose?

The easiest way to shop for art is to set some parameters for your search before you even start. The more specific your search, the more likely you are to find the piece that is calling out to be added to your space. Below are three of my favorite parameters to consider when shopping for art:


Last week, I provided a brief overview of color theory and how it can be used to take your interior design to the next level. By choosing the dominant color you'd like in a new art piece, you can eliminate all of the other art that may be pretty but wouldn't work in your specific design. A lot of search filters allow you to select by color - use that feature! It'll make your decision so much easier.


Your choice will also be largely dictated by the size of wall space you have available. My favorite piece of advice? Grab some masking tape or other low-stick tape and create the rectangle/square shape that you think looks best. You can peel it up and redo it as many times as it takes for you to land on the perfect dimensions.

A general rule of thumb is that an art piece should take up 75% of the wall space available, but I think overall the dimensions are totally up to you. Rules are meant to be broken! 

Once you have the dimensions right, measure the rectangle or square you have created, and ta da! You have a specific size of art to search for.

Your Personal Style

What decorating style do you tend to gravitate toward? Modern? Farmhouse? Feminine? Each of these styles work best with specific "genres" of art. Modern decor goes hand in hand with bold abstract paintings, whereas farmhouse and feminine decor pairs well with landscapes or floral patterns. There are amazing options in all art styles, of course, but limiting your search to the ones that pair best with the rest of your room design will save you a lot of time.

Want more?

I discuss all of these options and more in my free guide, How to Choose the Perfect Art for Your Home! Download it now and get started on finding the perfect finishing touch for your space.