Discover the Bestselling Le Pen from Marvy Uchida

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I’m back! How has your summer been going? Weirdest on record? Mine too…

The Product:

Anyway, I’m going to continue working my way through the Marvy Uchida haul with this month’s review. A longstanding bestseller for this company has been Le Pen: a no frills, precise pen that is easy to write with and comes in pretty much any color you could want. I chose burgundy and orchid. It’s billed as the perfect pen for bullet journaling, and after testing it out in many settings, I can definitely see why.

See it here.

The Details:

Now, usually I set these blog posts up as a typical pro/con list to fully evaluate the product, but I can’t do that for Le Pen. I can’t think of any cons. I drew this little design to show the pen in action:

le pen in burgundy and orchid

I drew fairly small, so this image is super close up, yet you can see that the ink didn’t bleed much at all beyond the lines that I drew. On the same paper, I have a set of markers that bleeds like crazy. They are perfect for detail work, whether it’s a sketch or a bullet journal or what have you. I take notes with them, I draw with them, and I also use them to brighten up my planner because it’s much more fun to write tasks down in pretty colors – even on the thinner paper, they don’t bleed through to the next page at all! I’ve never had such colorful pens that don’t make the next page impossible to write on or read. Color me impressed (pun originally unintended, but I’m gonna let it stand).

Bottom Line:

I am a full convert. If I had to choose only one product to buy from this company from now on, it would be the traditional Le Pen. Once again: the link for anyone interested.

Happy writing and illustrating!

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