Are Passion Markers Worth It?

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So as you may remember, I recently wrote an ode to the Passion Planner detailing how much of this website and my life in general I owe to its organizational genius. Since discovering the planner, I've been slowly but surely trying the other products on their site. I'm a big fan of the monthly tabs, which make it easy to navigate between months and the back scratch paper pages. Not worth doing a whole post, but I do recommend those.

When I purchased my 2021 planner, I also decided to try their latest product: a set of Passion Markers designed to help you color coordinate your goals to your heart's content. I've had several weeks to play with them now, so I'm coming at ya with my full review.

The Anatomy

Passion Markers are double-ended, with one chisel end and one fine-tipped end. They're designed so you can use them either as highlighters or as pens in your planner.

passion marker chisel endpassion marker fine tip end

I bought the 6-pack to test, but they also come in a pack of 12 if you really love them.

The Pros

  • Attractive packaging: I know this doesn't really matter, but I love how the Passion Markers look in their package. Usually I bust apart packaging and pop everything into its appropriate container on my desk, but I've actually kept these in their box since they arrived.
  • Nice array of colors: These aren't primary colors; they're more pastel. I like that the palette has a soothing quality to it. 

The Cons

  • Not as described: When it comes right down to it, these aren't markers. They aren't even pens. They're highlighters. Which is fine, but not really what I was expecting based on the way they were advertised. Color coding works much better by writing in a different pen first and then highlighting with these, instead of just writing in color. I'll probably never use the fine-tipped end unless I'm just doodling. Here's an example of their 
  • The colors fade quickly: Everything I wrote in my planner when I was first testing these has already faded to the point of being basically illegible. That was the final nail in the coffin for my original approach to using these.

Final Verdict

I won't be rebuying these. They're fine highlighters, but I can get highlighters easier at a routine trip to Target than special ordering them from an online store. Lesson learned!

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