How to Draw a Flower (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Hello all! I am back from my New Hampshire vacation with this step-by-step tutorial to guide you through how to draw a flower. This particular tutorial uses watercolor pencils, markers, and a touch of ink, although you could follow the basic instructions with any medium you want. It’d look great with paints, colored pencils, pastels…you name it! You can also scale this tutorial however you want; use it to make greeting cards, or draw it large enough to hang on your wall.

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If you would prefer to save and print this tutorial, grab a PDF version here:

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What You’ll Need:

Materials for How to Draw a Flower


Step 1:

Draw the center of your flower. I did it as a small cluster of circles, but you could do one larger circle if you prefer.

Step 1 Draw a Flower

Step 2:

Draw 5 petals. They do not have to be anywhere close to perfect, especially if you’re using the watercolor pencils. We’re just doing a vague outline at this point.

Step 2 Draw a Flower

Step 3:

In a coordinating color, draw 5 more petals behind the first set. Again, no need for perfection! If you go really off course like I did, you can lighten the lines with a kneaded eraser* (possibly my favorite tool in my kit).

Step 3 Draw a Flower

Step 4:

Color in that first set of petals. It will look especially great if there are some darker lines toward the center, since that creates a nice little shading illusion.

Step 4 Draw a Flower

Step 5:

With the coordinating color you chose, color in the second set of petals. Again, make sure you’re adding some darker lines toward the center. That contrast really helps!

Step 5 Draw a Flower

Step 6:

With a small paintbrush, paint over the watercolor pencil with water. This helps smooth out the colors, and you can create a nice feathery effect at the tips of the petals if you want. I find that the less perfect my petals are to begin with, the less it matters when I get unintended smudges on the page…

Step 6 Draw a Flower

Step 7:

Now things really get fun! I wasn’t fully happy with the flower when it was 100% watercolor, so I grabbed my markers next. I started adding some color where those original darker lines were to really solidify that shading effect. As you can see, I chose extremely bold colors for this step – feel free to choose colors that are closer to your original two if you don’t want quite this much contrast.

Step 7 Draw a Flower

Step 8:

Even after adding the marker, it still didn’t look done to me, so I grabbed my gold calligraphy ink* and dip pen next. I didn’t want to go overboard with this, but I added some lines (following the shape of the petals) to fill in more of the white space.

Step 8 Draw a Flower

Step 9:

To tie in the gold a little better, add some small lines coming out of the very center and some longer ones going down the middle of the second set of petals. You could also add a bit of gold outline to the circles in the center cluster.

Step 9 Draw a Flower

Step 10:

Sign your work, and you’re done!

Step 10 Draw a Flower

There you have it: now you know how to draw a flower! Feel free to share your creation by email or on the VanDuinen Studio Facebook page. If you decide you want to save and print this tutorial, you can download a PDF version:

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And please, if you know anyone who might appreciate this tutorial for how to draw a flower, share away! Let’s build this artist community together. 🙂






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