A Free DIY Beaded Earring Tutorial

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Free DIY Beaded Earring Tutorial

Anyway, onto the meat of this post: a free beaded earrings tutorial. Why? Because I don’t believe in hoarding creativity – if you want to give it a try, go for it! Plus, I think being transparent in the artistic process helps the general public understand why handmade items are priced so highly compared to retail. Making jewelry is a hobby, but it also takes a lot of practice and patience.

Before we begin, there is a PDF version of this tutorial available, if you’d like to save it for later and/or print it:

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  • A pair of small needle-nosed pliers
  • Wire cutters or scissors
  • Beading wire (I like 28 gauge, because it’s nice and flexible)
  • 2 earring hooks
  • 2 round beads
  • An assortment of seed beads
  • Any other beads you want to include

beaded earring supplies needed


Decide how long you want your earrings, keeping in mind that you’ll need extra wire to tie off the ends. Double that length before you cut – you’ll need 2 strands to create the seed bead halo.

step one beaded earrings


Feed the cut wire onto an earring hook, folding it at (or at least near) the halfway mark.

wire threaded into earring hook


At this point, I fed both strands through a couple of beads I wanted near the top. At the very least, thread both strands of wire through one of your round beads.

first beads threaded onto wire


Once your round bead is in place, separate the two wires and feed an equal amount of seed beads onto them. You may have to experiment with the numbers to get the right-sized halo – I started out with 8 on each strand, but had to bump it up to 10.

beginning to make the halo


Pull one strand up and around the round bead, securing this half of the halo by wrapping the wire once at the top.

first half of beaded halo


Do the same on the other side, completing the halo effect.

completed beaded halo


Take one strand of wire and feed it back through the hole in the round bead.

wire fed through bead


Using the strand you fed through to the bottom of the round bead, add a final bead to cap off the end. Wrap the wire several times, cut off any excess, and pinch the end in to hide it as much as possible. This is where those needle-nosed pliers come in handy!

end bead added


Take the other strand of wire and once again, wrap the wire several times, cut off any excess, and really pinch that wire closed.

last wire closed off

Now you have a completed earring!

complete beaded earring

Take a moment to really look at your work. Do you like it? Is there a combination you’d like better? I always like to check in with myself after the first earring is made, because it’s much easier (and less depressing) to rip out one earring and start over than it is to rip apart both. I ended up liking this set, but I’ve been known to try three or four different designs before moving onto earring #2!

complete set of beaded earrings

Once you’ve repeated the steps for the second earring, congratulations! You made your own pair of beaded earrings!

Once again, if you’d like the PDF version of this tutorial, click here:

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If any of you try this beaded earring tutorial, I would LOVE to see your results. Also, if you’ve fallen in love with this particular pair, it can be found in my Etsy shop.

Happy creating!


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