Custom Crocheted Christmas Tree Skirt

Happy holidays, everyone! I’m back with a summary of my holiday season 2017 project: a crocheted Christmas tree skirt.

For years, when it was just my husband and I in the house, I used a spare piece of burlap wrapped around the base of our tree. It worked fine, it looked fine. But now we have a very mobile, impish kiddo on the loose, so I wanted something that would stand up better to tugging hands.

I kept procrastinating on figuring out exactly what I wanted – first I decided to buy one, but couldn’t believe the price tags I was seeing. Definitely not in the budget at the time! Thankfully, there was Pinterest to the rescue: probably thanks to my Amazon search history, I saw a pin for a Christmas tree skirt that somebody had crocheted. The lightbulb went on, and I started scouring the internet for a pattern I could hopefully complete in 2 weeks. No big deal, right?


I ended up finding a beautiful lacy crocheted tree skirt pattern that looked easy enough. Of course, I still had to tear out all of my work and restart not once, but twice – just because the pattern is easy doesn’t mean I will read it correctly! The Wednesday before Christmas (and the night before company arrived), I finally had it finished.

Finished product: custom crocheted Christmas tree skirtClose up - crocheted Christmas tree skirtClose up shot - crocheted Christmas tree skirt

You’ll notice I didn’t do red and green. I bought shatterproof ornaments in jewel tones this year, so I picked a yarn that wouldn’t clash with them:

Decorated tree with shatterproof ornaments

I absolutely loved the final pairing. Somehow I missed the obvious decorated tree + skirt picture, so the detail shots above will have to do. But I wanted to include this one for a laugh – this is the same night I put the tree skirt down:

decorated tree with presents

Oh well, next year I won’t have to MAKE the skirt, so I’ll put it out well before I have the presents wrapped.

If you need a tree skirt and want something out of the ordinary, feel free to email me at any time. We’ll talk pattern, colors, and price for a custom crocheted Christmas tree skirt at your leisure. I’ll happily make one in any color combination you want – including red and green! Or, if you give the pattern a go yourself, feel free to share the outcome. I love seeing other people’s creations!


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