Calling All Artists! Inspiration Roundup (February 2018)

Are any fellow artists in need of a boost of inspiration? Approximately once a month, I’m going to do an “Inspiration Roundup” filled with anything that’s succeeded in getting my creative juices flowing. Hopefully it’ll help you too!

First Inspiration: Crochet

My daughter continues to grow and grow faster than I ever thought possible, so most of her baby afghans don’t cover her toes anymore. I’m taking this opportunity to learn a new crochet stitch and make her a bigger afghan. I am in LOVE with these colors!

crochet inspiration afghan

I’m using Red Heart Super Saver yarn in claret, oatmeal, and antique, for any interested crocheters or knitters.  I also downloaded their free pattern for this corner to corner blanket. Obviously I picked different colors, but I am actually following directions this time. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Second Inspiration: Calligraphy

My mom is also commissioning a calligraphy piece. I used to practice calligraphy quite a bit – I even did calligraphy on a lot of the awards presented each year at my high school – but it’s been years since I picked up a fountain pen to write instead of draw. I figured it couldn’t hurt to do some drills and learn a new style in the process. Thanks to a well-timed Instagram ad, I stumbled on The Postman’s Knock. Two tutorial packs made their way into my life. I can’t wait to get started:

calligraphy inspiration

As a bonus, it’s already given me some new ideas for miniature drawings. Stay tuned for their addition to my Etsy shop.

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