Relaxing at Independence Lake

Top Level Importance: Time to Relax

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, April was one crazy month. There were birthdays. There were two weekend trips. There was a craft show combined with a drop-off for my May art show at Go Java. There was a massive effort on my part to get this blog up and running, as well as general maintenance on my Wix site. I’m getting exhausted just remembering it all!

As you may remember, I have posted in the past about my neat little organizational system I developed to keep this business under control. I print out a blank calendar page for every month, and I schedule two tasks for each day, keeping the mantra “variety is the spice of life” in mind so I don’t get bored and lose focus or momentum. Well, I have an update: two tasks EVERY SINGLE DAY is crazy-making! I never scheduled myself a weekend, or even just a mid-week break. My thinking was two-fold: one, it was only two measly tasks a day, right? Anyone can do that and still have time to relax! (Spoiler alert: I’m a mom. Such logic has no place in this realm.) And two, weekends are often my most productive days, because hubby can take over kid duties for larger chunks of time. (This may be true, but he also likes to see me and have family time. Imagine that.)

Long story short, May is my month for dialing it back and trying to find the balance that allows me to accomplish everything I want to accomplish, but also to recharge, relax a bit, and let the inspiration come to me once in a while instead of actively hunting it. I’m guessing many of you could benefit from the same challenge!

I’m declaring it now: May is our unofficial “Take a Breath” month. If you’re like me and live by a schedule, marker in that down time for yourself. Even if you’re not, write it on a post-it and stick it somewhere you’ll see every day. Take a walk, go to the library just to browse, play an old video game you haven’t dusted off in years, put together a new potted plant combo for your front porch or deck – whatever takes your mind off the daily grind, go for it! I’m designating Wednesdays and Sundays as my “anything other than VanDuinen Studio” days, and I’ll try to take it easier on Saturdays, too. I predict we’ll all be happier by the end of the month!

What are your favorite hobbies or escapes? What is something you’ve been dying to do but have felt too busy lately?



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