DIY Project: Memory Box

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How many of you are pack rats? I have to raise my hand to the ceiling with this one!

In a recent post, I mentioned my efforts to reduce the amount of random junk and knick-knacks I keep around. It’s definitely still a work in progress, and I’m finding in each room that there are things to which I’m too emotionally attached to get rid of entirely. I still don’t want them all over my limited shelf space, though, so the need arose for a memory box. My box from high school is overflowing, and the pre-made versions run for about $10 a box, so I decided to decorate one myself.

I recently bought a pair of sandals with this summer’s veggie gardening in mind, so I set aside the shoe box for my crafty project. I also put together this easy-peasy tutorial you can use as inspiration for your own treasure collection.

What You’ll Need:

  • Wide paint brush
  • Acrylic paint (opaque)
  • Mod Podge + foam applicator
  • Super glue (optional, depending on your decorations)
  • Anything you want to use as decoration – I used wrapping paper scraps, tissue paper, and pictures cut out of an old calendar and a gardening catalog. You could also use shells, rhinestones, small rocks, etc.


1. Paint the box


I used Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints* in black and ecru for a neutral-yet-interesting backdrop. Learn from my mistakes: if you do a two-toned palette, tape off any areas you don’t want painted the second color! I wasted a lot of time touching up very obvious spots of ecru that appeared on the black spaces…


2. Assemble decorative materials

I chose to use an old scrap of tissue paper as the backdrop. It wasn’t quite square, and I was feeling lazy, so I also cut out border pieces from some scraps of wrapping paper I had ferreted away last year to hide the edges. Finally, I used a hobby knife* to cut out a butterfly from an old calendar, and a few flowers from one of the dozens of gardening catalogs that make their way to my mailbox. (Seriously, if you order from one gardening supply company, you’ll get catalogs from every company that exists!)

3. Start decorating!

Since I was using strictly paper, I went with thin layers of Mod Podge both under the paper and over the top, making sure no corners stick up or look unfinished. If you want to add shells, rocks, rhinestones, or basically anything heavier than paper, I swear Gorilla Glue* is the stuff of legends. Just, uh, try not to get it on your hands. It comes off, but it tends to take the top layer of skin along for the ride. Not that I know this by experience, of course…cough cough

Tip: Lay everything out on your surface before you start gluing to make sure you like the composition. I have an embarrassing number of craft projects stuffed in the basement that failed because I just dove in without planning!

The final product:


As you can see, I folded the flowers down along the front edge to make the design more three dimensional. I’ll see the front edge in my closet more often than the top, after all!

Another angle:


Now, all that’s left is stuffing it with ticket stubs and old photos!

If you decide to try the tutorial, feel free to post your final product in the comments! I’d love to see what you come up with.



*This is an affiliate link


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