Commissioned Project: A VanDuinen Studio-Themed Lap Blanket

Originally published July 12, 2017

I was really excited the day I chose the official VanDuinen Studio color palette for the logo and other branding purposes. I immediately messaged the palette to my parents, brother, and best friend:

tulips hues

(By the way, if you like playing with colors and/or need help finding interesting color combos for any of your projects, I love! It’s navigation is a little clunky, but the inspiration to be found is priceless.)

As soon as she saw the message, my friend texted back to tell me she loved the choice so much, she wanted to commission a blanket in those colors! I eagerly accepted, and went to work looking for decent yarn matches. I did pretty well – the biggest difference was the greyish-brown yarn, which I couldn’t find in a shade quite as pale as the palette shows. Still a good combination, though:

20170308_131214 (1)

I’ve made this friend an afghan before, so this time I wanted to try a new, interesting pattern so I wouldn’t just be giving her the same old thing only slightly smaller and in new colors. After some trial and error, I found this tutorial, and just went with the initial square until I ran out of yarn. Here’s the first square with all five colors:


And I just kept going and going and going until:

Completed lap blanket

I had to keep adjusting how many rows I did of each color after that first square, because I started to run out of the colors that come later in the pattern faster. Seems obvious in hindsight, but it didn’t occur to me until I started working on it. But I am very happy with the finished product, and I even got to hand deliver it during our recent trip to Chicago! I styled it all pretty for her:

Tied with a bow

Feels good to have completed another project. On to the next one!




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